Future Faces of Physics

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Stars - SPS Awards and Accolades

Future Faces of Physics

Future Faces of Physics Awards are made to SPS chapters to support projects designed to promote physics across cultures. The goal of the Future Faces of Physics Award is to promote the recruitment and retention of people from groups historically underrepresented in physics.

Adelphi University
Labs for Kids
James St. John (Leader)
Matthew Wright (Advisor)

California State University – San Marcos
CSUSM’s Aim for Diversity in Physics
Jesus Perez (Leader)
Justin Perron (Advisor)

Coe College
G5: Girls are the 5th FUNdamental Force
Annie Ruckman (Leader)
Firdevs Duru (Advisor)

University at Buffalo
Women in Physics
Samuel Powers (Leader)
Salvatore Rappoccio (Advisor)

University of Southern Mississippi
Promoting Physics in Mississippi
Megan Payne (Leader)
Michael Vera (Advisor)

University of the Sciences
Strange Science: Unmasking the Weirdness of the Quantum Realm
Brett Conti (Leader)
Roberto Ramos (Advisor)

Utah State University
PhysX: High School Girls Exploring Opportunities in Physics
Vanessa Chambers (Leader)
David Peak (Advisor)

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Stars - SPS Awards and Accolades