Champion Your Chapter at PhysCon 2019

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In The Zone - Regional SPS Highlights

Champion Your Chapter at PhysCon 2019


Brittney Hauke, PhysCon 2019 Planning Committee Member

Brittney Hauke. Photo courtesy Brittney Hauke.This year at PhysCon 2019 we are featuring a brand-new event—Breaking Boundaries. During this event, there will be a graduate school and jobs fair, a T-shirt exchange and contest, Blackout Bingo, and most importantly, the Chapter Showcase. Our goal with this event is to give your SPS chapter a way to show what makes you unique and provide an opportunity for you to learn from and network with other chapters from across the country to see what they do well. Maybe your own chapter struggles with fundraising or getting people to attend events. We hope that you will be able to take ideas from other chapters to make your own chapter stronger.

If you’re attending PhysCon 2019, we hope you’ll participate in this event by running a table at the showcase. We’re encouraging chapters to bring demos and posters, awards and plaques, scrapbooks and photos, as well as things visitors can take away with them, like outreach manuals or fundraising guides, pins, stickers, or other swag. Bring your best tips for outreach, chapter engagement, and creating inclusive spaces, because other chapters will definitely want to learn from you. Our Blackout Bingo will be designed to get people interacting, so the more varied and creative your display is, the more people will stop by and chat!

Don’t forget to bring T-shirts in a few different sizes so you can enter the T-shirt contest and exchange witty tees with other chapters.

If people enjoy the event, we hope that this will be replicated at future PhysCons and at zone meetings. My committee has been working hard to iron out the details and make the Breaking Boundaries event as fun as possible. We’re excited for all of you to experience it in November! Students from the University of San Diego showing off their SPS chapter. Photo courtesy of SPS National.

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