Physics Promoters

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Stars - SPS Awards and Accolades

Physics Promoters

2013 Marsh W. White Award Recipients

Abilene Christian University

LIGO Public Outreach Videos

The SPS chapter will write, film, and produce a new LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) video explaining general relativity to the public.

Central Washington University

Using Water Rockets to Launch Interest in Physics

Students in grades 6–12 will learn to design and construct rockets made from soda bottles, water, and other common items.

College of William & Mary

Demos in the Sun

During spring outreach events, outdoor physics demonstrations aimed at nonphysics students will highlight kinematics, propulsion, and rocketry.

Colorado School of Mines

Partnerships in Physics IV: An Exciting Catapult Outreach Project

Middle and high school students will learn about projectile motion and teach elementary students how to build small catapults.

Cleveland State University

Physics Club: Investigating Phases at Campus International School

A physics club program, begun two years ago, will expand after-school sessions at Cleveland Campus International School.

Drexel University

Physics Carnival

A carnival that includes a ring-toss game, a fun house, and ice cream frozen with liquid nitrogen will get middle and high school students excited about physics.

Eastern Michigan University

Annual Physics Building Competition

A new annual competition will challenge introductory physics students to build roller coasters.

Hartnell College

Physics Olympics

A Physics Olympics for SPS chapters and colleges in zone 18 will include events such as bridge building and egg drop competitions.

Indiana Wesleyan University

Physics Outreach Using Modern Medical Physics

Demos for students and citizens in a rural Indiana town will mix physics and medical technologies.

Rhodes College

Physics Extravaganza at Rites to Play

Bouncing magnets, air-zookas, and fire tornadoes will introduce students to physics at a college festival.

Sonoma State University

Elementary Electromagnetism in Action!

Magnetism demonstrations will inspire and educate fourth-grade classes.

University of Louisville

Updating a Display Case

An interactive display case maintained by the physics department will be upgraded to be more attractive and engaging.

University of Southern Mississippi

Hubfest: Physics Outreach Day for Mississippi’s Pine Belt Community

Laser demos will take place at a local community festival called Hubfest attended by 30,000 people.

University of Texas at Dallas

Rocket Competition: Physicists Versus Engineers

This SPS chapter will challenge engineering students and the public to a friendly rocket launch contest.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

High in the Sky: An Elementary Physics Project

A high-altitude balloon project has lofty ambitions to inspire elementary students.

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Physics is Phantastic Phunstop 2013

Students from 25 elementary schools will be invited to a workshop that explores energy storage, conversion, and use.

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Stars - SPS Awards and Accolades