Surfing on Sound Waves


Noah Johnson

Learn all about sound and sound waves in this SOCK as a part of the International Year of Sound (2020-2021), in partnership with the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)!

Portable Oscilloscope and Microphone: Sound is not visible to the human eye, but have you ever wondered what sound looks like? This demonstration utilizes a portable oscilloscope to visualize sound signals!

Longitudinal and Transverse Waves: What are waves? And, more specifically, what are sound waves? A slinky is used to explain two types of waveforms - longitudinal and transverse - while a tuning fork exhibits sound waves as longitudinal waves.

Interactive Soundscapes: We can see many features of a place, but what we hear in a place tells us a lot more than what we see. Here we will listen to soundscapes and travel to different places via sound. 

Doppler Ball: What exactly is the doppler effect? To find out,use a foam ball with a buzzer to throw around and experience the doppler effect! 

Elastic Cord: What are standing waves? What is a fourier transform? Use a latex rope to demonstrate different modes of standing waves and to construct waves! 

Vocal Fold Straws: Where does our voice come from? Learn about how our vocal folds work by using straws to create vibrations!  

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