Are you ready to SOCK?!


Hannah Pell and Shauna LeFebvre, 2015 SPS Interns

Share the wonders of acoustics with students of all ages using the latest SPS SOCK, featuring Boomwhackers, a full set of tuning forks, and much more! The 2015-16 SOCK, titled Are You Ready to SOCK?!, explores the physics of sound through eight engaging demos and activities that can be used in a variety of settings.  SOCK users will be able to visualize sound waves, measure the speed of sound, and make their own instruments while learning the basics of sound waves and their applications. New this year, the SOCK manual also includes reflections on using these activities with elementary and high school students, a summary to help you decide which lessons are best for your event, and “Did you know?” stories to add more context to your lessons. This SOCK was created in partnerships with NIST, the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

PDF icon 2015 SPS SOCK Manual

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