Meet the 2022 SPS Interns

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Meet the 2022 SPS National Interns, who will be working virtually for 10-weeks in science education, policy, and outreach internships with organizations including SPS, AIP, AAPT, APS, NASA, NIST, and the U.S. Congress, June 1 – August 6, 2022.

AIP Mather Policy Intern

Anthony Olguin Headshot

Research Intern

Machine Learning Intern

NIST Research Intern

AIP Center for History of Physics/Neils Bohr Library & Archives Intern

Physics Today Science Writing Intern

SPS SOCK (Science Outreach Catalyst Kit) Intern

Society of Rheology/Soft Matter Kitchen Intern

AIP Mather Policy Intern

APS Education & Diversity Intern

AIP FYI Science Policy Communications Intern

NASA Goddard Space Center Intern

APS Public Engagement Intern

Taylor Colaizzi Headshot

NIST Research Intern

AAPT Teacher Professional Development Intern

NIST Research Intern