Week Three: Cutting Paper and Cruising

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Friday, June 16, 2017


Lexxi Reddington

Over the past week, Tori and I have been working on the physical aspects of creating the exhibit: finalizing designs, printing and resizing images, obtaining the large images for the backgrounds, etc. We are hopeful that the exhibit can be completed by the end of next week, or early part of the following week. We will be gathering other necessary supplies for the exhibit at the beginning of next week with our mentors. I have also been considering ideas to promote the Niels Bohr Library and encourage people to explore the important relationships between history and physics. I am excited to finish the exhibit so that we can move on to these new projects!

On Thursday, the SPS interns at ACP had the opportunity to each lunch with the SPS executive committee. I was able to speak with former SPS President, DJ Wagner, about her position and her role in SPS. I also enjoyed listening to her perspectives on women in science and the ways in which she tries to encourage minorities to pursue science without isolating them from non-minorities. In the evening, all of the SPS interns attended a dinner cruise with the SPS executive committee. This was a fun event that showcased the beautiful views of D.C. and allowed us to spend more time with the committee members.

This weekend, we plan to visit several of the monuments and museums in order to experience the more historical side of D.C. I have seen many of these tourist attractions before, but I am excited to see the changes made since I was last in D.C.

Cumulatively, I had a productive week in working with Tori to develop the materials for our exhibit. Moving forward, I am ready to begin new projects and share everything that I have learned so far with a larger audience.

Lexxi Reddington