Week Six: Weekends, Writing, and Working with Websites

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Friday, July 7, 2017


Lexxi Reddington

This past week consisted of only three actual work days, due to the long-weekend. Not surprisingly, D.C. goes crazy for the Fourth of July. There were beautiful fireworks, immensely large crowds, and lots of fun. Many of the interns went to the National Mall to celebrate on the 4th and watch the fireworks. It was also nice to have the four days off and be able to enjoy just being in the city.  

Regarding the actual working part of the week, I wrote an article for the SPS Observer. The article incorporates the research that Tori and I gathered in the earlier weeks of our internship and condenses this information into a format that will hopefully engage and interest other SPS members. The article will go through several revision processes before publication, so I am looking forward to that.

After a meeting with Brad Conrad and James Merrick, I will also now be working on several website pages to integrate the materials and information from Tori and I’s physical exhibit into a digital format. The pages will be housed on the SPS website and explain why the history of physics matters. This is an exciting opportunity for me because it enables me to utilize my creative skills and deliver a message to a large audience. The website addition will also ensure that the work Tori and I have done so far, with the physical exhibit, will continue to be accessible – especially to people who are not able to visit the physical exhibit. The website component will undoubtedly be a lot of work, but I am enjoying designing its layout and experimenting with what designs will be more engaging to my audience. I am excited to receive feedback on this work as well. Though, I will likely be working on this website for most my time left at ACP.

In other news, this weekend my parents are visiting D.C.! We will likely try new restaurants, visit a few monuments and museums, and spend time together. I have not seen my parents in a while, so I am happy that they are able to visit. Next week, I will continue to work on the website component and enjoy the rest of my summer here.  

Lexxi Reddington