Week 9! Yay!

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Sunday, July 30, 2023


Eva Rissanen

I’m sitting here writing this and I still can’t believe we’re so close to the end of this internship!! Here’s how my ninth week in DC went!
I haven’t really done much this week except for work. Monday thru Thursday was pretty much just me working on my presentation draft, and also still working on the analysis part of my results. Not much to add there, sorry guys!! I think my presentation is really coming together though, and I’m excited for when I do finish it!! Sorry I don’t have more to add… when I get home from work I’m just too tired to get up and do anything. Also, it’s been WAY too hot this week. I’m pretty sure there was an extreme heat warning, so being outside is just not pleasant at the moment.
Friday was pretty fun! We had a tour for the other interns at NIST! I had to leave after lunch, but before that I got to see some really cool labs! The first lab we saw had machines that could 3D print METAL parts! The next one we saw was fluid dynamics, and we got to see some really cool demos, one that showed the heat emission from your hands and then a video that showed how gun powder residue moves around after a bullet is shot! The third lab I saw was the 1 million pound dead weight machine!! This thing had several giant plates of metal, each weighing about 50,000 pounds. The scale of it was absolutely insane. I went back to work after that, then later that night hung out with some of the interns after and played Quiplash :)
Saturday was also super fun!! Me and the other interns Julia and Ruthie went to Adams Morgan- and to our surprise they had a block party! Unfortunately, a crazy storm rolled in and kind of ruined it, there were winds up to 80 mph and it was POURING rain for like 45 minutes. Before that, we got pizza, went to a bookstore and vintage clothes shop, and after the rain subsided we puttered around and looked at a few different shops. After all of that walking I decided to call it a day and just chilled for the rest of the night.
Sunday was also pretty eventful, me and Julia went to Potomac Yard, and went to Micheals, Barnes and Noble, TJ Maxx and Target! Safe to say I will have enough to read for a good while. I also bought a new suitcase for my trip home! After that I just chilled and finished up this journal, and did some general cleaning to get me ready for the next week.
All in all, it was a good week! The days seem to be going by faster now and I can’t believe that the next time I write my weekly blog I’ll pretty much be home. I’m excited, but I know it’s gonna be so sad to leave. I’ll try not to think about it too much. Til next week!!

Eva Rissanen