Week 10: We're Done ALREADY???

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Monday, August 7, 2023


Eva Rissanen

Hi guys! Currently writing this back at home in NC and I cannot believe the 10 weeks in DC is officially over.
Monday thru Wednesday was pretty much just working on the presentation and getting results finalized for that. I didn’t do too much other than that so I’m sorry I don’t have a lot to add… I had to turn in my work badge and laptop on Wednesday which was really sad actually, I don’t think many people my age can say they worked at NIST for a summer, so having the badge would’ve been cool to show to my physics friends back in Boone.
This week was honestly kind of sad for me!! I had to say goodbye to a wonderful job, and many many wonderful people. It kind of hit me when we were practicing our final presentations on Thursday, and all I could think about was our very first day, when we were all at ACP having the intern orientation. Time flew by!!!
After presentation rehearsal on Thursday, a lot of us went to Tonic, which was where we went on our first group outing as well. I was thinking “Wow, we’ve really come full circle”. Before I get too sentimental, let me tell you about my dinner. I got a blackened salmon caesar salad, which was DELISH!!! One thing I am really going to miss about DC is the food. I’ve eaten some of the best foods here I think, nothing like what there is here in North Carolina.
Friday was presentation day!!! I absolutely LOVED seeing everyone’s presentations. You could just see how hard everyone worked over the summer, and that was apparent in everyone’s presentations. I was so nervous to present mine that I think I started getting stress hives, but it went really well! My mentor had been out of town this entire week but he was able to come and see me present which meant a lot to me. After I presented I asked him how he thought I did and he said that I did great! Which was awesome to hear. I also got a lot of comments saying my information was really easy to follow along with, which also meant a lot to me. I think it’s really important to be able to explain complicated subjects in a way that the general public (who may not have the same knowledge) can understand.
After presentations, I went back and started packing! It didn’t take too long, I really only brought what I needed- since I was flying I was limited to two suitcases of stuff.
Saturday was wheels up! At 6am, I got an Uber to Ronald Reagan Airport where I flew home!
It’s really nice being back home with my family (and my extremely comfy bed) but I am really really sad to have left. I’m gonna miss all of the interns a lot, I got so lucky to be put in this group of such amazing people. I had so much more fun than I thought I was going to have during my time in DC!! I made new friends and together we were able to experience everything DC had to offer.
I’m definitely going to be reading everyone’s blog posts for this week so if the other guys are, first of all HI!! and also I am SO excited to see where everyone ends up going with their future careers!!! You guys are gonna go so far!! I love y’all!!

Eva Rissanen