Week 9: Our Last Week Together – but two more weeks for me!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014


Benjamin Preis

This week was the last week for all of the interns but me. We tried our best to do things together every night, which was a great way to say goodbye. I really do feel as if I have made some friends with the other interns this summer.

This week at work was also fantastic, though not necessarily for the work. On Monday, I had the opportunity to have lunch with Congressman Foster with the two other interns from our office. We went to the Member’s Dining Room, and were able to learn more about the Congressman, while he also asked us about ourselves. Overall, it was a very enjoyable lunch. I was impressed by how he tries to bring his values into everything that he does, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to work for him this summer.

On Tuesday, I once again had lunch with Congressman Foster, though this time we were joined by Dr. Mather and Ashley – the other Mather Intern. The lunch was particularly great for me, since I had the opportunity to listen to Rep. Foster tell some stories twice, and other things for the first time. Seeing the two premier scientists talk about their respective interests, research, and thoughts for the future was particularly interesting – and a tad entertaining.

The rest of the week at work was consumed with more memos, letters, and tours, as we finished the last week before August recess. Thursday afternoon was particularly stressful, as it slowly dawned on us that we would all have to come in to work on Friday dressed in formalwear, for recess was going to be delayed.

Saturday, everyone else left, while I simply moved across town to my new apartment (2nd and Constitution NE – no complaints!) It was very sad to say goodbye to everyone, and to realize that I would have this coming week more or less alone in the city. Not a fun feeling. Nonetheless, I took Saturday to see my cousins who live in Maryland, and Sunday was spent getting my new apartment in order. I like it a lot, and with being walking distance to work, I am in a great location.

Benjamin Preis