Week 7: A Succinct Week

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Sunday, July 20, 2014


Benjamin Preis

As we head into the middle of July, there is certainly a routine developing. Tours are given, memos are written and letters are drafted. Work is good, but there isn’t much that I think is particularly blog-worthy. However, this past Thursday, the SPS interns had an opportunity to tour the NASA Goddard campus, which was awesome. We saw telescopes which will detect Cosmic Background Radiation when they are placed in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Since I studied abroad in Chile – and went to the Atacama Desert – those particularly piqued my interest. In addition, we saw the world’s largest operational clean room, which houses the James Webb Space Telescope while still under development. There was an Expo going on for many of the labs on Goddard’s campus so we had the opportunity to see all of the incredible research done there. Overall, it was a pretty cool day, and made me remember why everyone thinks NASA is just so cool.

Over the weekend, I actually returned home for a short visit, which was very lovely. I returned late on Sunday night, ready to take on another week!

Benjamin Preis