Week 9: Bottom of the Ninth

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Friday, July 31, 2015


Patrick Mangan


This was my second to last week of my internship here in DC. To begin, we went on a tour of Capitol Hill, as well as the areas where our fellow interns have been working. It was a really cool experience because it was a unique chance for me to be able to see where government funded science organizations (NSF, etc.) get their funding, and by what process. It was a really good opportunity to get a look into the inner-workings of our government. I learned a lot about how the committees of the House of Representatives work and affect the decisions made in congress.

For my work, I finished up all my projects. My flow chart for the NGSS is messy, but effective. And my contact network has about 50 STEM focused high schools, which will be a great resource for AAPT to find out what the cutting-edge STEM schools are doing and use it to help all physics education throughout the US.

Patrick Mangan