Week 5: The Middle

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Patrick Mangan


Like the fourth week, the fifth week has gone a little slow. For my work, I continued updating the PTRA documents. These updates included noting where the NGSS should be taken into account for lesson plans, as well as converting some of the lesson plans to the 5-E format. Educators and school districts across the U.S. are moving toward both the NGSS and the 5-E method as their preference for teaching science, so my work using them marks the future of education.

This past week was also a little slower outside of work. However, all of us interns did go to a Nationals game on Wednesday night. It was a fun time, it was a very close game and the Nationals won after 11 innings. The next day, after watching the next Nationals game I found out that Papa Johns has a deal with the Nationals so that when they win a game by 7 points, any Papa John's in the D.C. metro area will deliver pizzas at half price when you enter a promo code given at the end of the game. The Nationals won that game 7-0 so I wrote down the promo code and almost all of the interns ordered half-price pizzas the next day. That was the highlight of my week, it was wonderful.

Patrick Mangan