Week 8: Weak Ate

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Friday, July 26, 2013


Jamie Garrett

The beginning of this week I started working on preliminary drawings for the Angular Momentum and Rotation. I have to send them to the Art Director at APS to have them professional drawn up for my activities. Becky gave me my final topic for the last three activities for the PhysicsQuest project. I am working on Absorption Spectra. I’ve been searching several books of physics demonstrations for ideas. I’ve found a couple I think I can alter in a book Elizabeth let me borrow called Hands on Physics Activities with Real-Life Applications. There are tons of activities in this book; I’m thinking about buying a copy for myself. I am considering an activity using a red and blue filter and pictures in red and blue. When looking through the red filter the student will be able to see the blue writing and when looking through the blue filter the student will only be able to see the red writing.  If you have a pair of old 3D glasses at home with a red lens and a blue lens try looking at this image with only one eye at a time, then both eyes.

The Library of Congress Friday we did a tour of the Capitol. We started with lunch in the Library of Congress, which was delightful. The Library of Congress definitely has the best lunchroom I’ve been to. The Capitol tour was amazing! We had a guided tour from an employee who told us about individual paintings and statues. She also shared some personal experiences that made the tour memorable. Her memory of September 11, 2001 brought tears to my eyes. She feared for her life that day. She looked back at the Capitol building running out thinking it may be the last thing she ever looked at. It is these types of stories that make an impact.

Saturday I went to Chinatown to the Regal Cinema to watch Red 2. I watched the first one the night before and it was hilarious. Sunday morning I made a trip out to the Building Museum. The architecture is beautiful, and the shop inside the museum is amazing! Toni invited all the interns over to her house in the afternoon to watch The Wizard of Oz and eat burgers. It was fun to go out as a group again with everyone.