Week 10: Best Summer Ever

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Friday, August 9, 2013


Jamie Garrett

Museums, shopping, boat rides, walking, and a lot of food. I have had the best summer in DC working with SPS and exploring the city. I have made friends that I will keep in touch with as we all depart and travel back to our hometowns; also, I’ve made professional connections that I can contact in the future for advice.

The last week began with presentation practice on Monday. All the interns gathered in the conference room to practice final presentations. We were all there to give feedback to make the presentations the best they could be. Everyone did so well! I was very nervous, but I received some wonderful advice and fixed it up to perfection. After work we went out as a group for the last time to a Chinese restaurant.

It was up and at ‘em early the next morning. Professional dress and smiling faces put on and we were off to ACP early to settle. Everyone’s presentations were flawless! A quick lunch and mingling after the presentations and then we were off to tour the State Department. I picked my car up that afternoon and loaded up all my packed bags for the drive home. The next morning was bittersweet.

All the interns had breakfast at ACP filled out our final paperwork, and said goodbye to our offices and mentors. Everyone at SPS and AIP have worked so very hard this summer to help us out, and they did a lot of work to get us here and take care of us while we stayed in DC. I am grateful for my opportunity to journey to DC and take part in an adventure of a lifetime. It has been the best summer ever, and I would recommend this opportunity to anyone interested.

Jamie Garrett