Week 5: Making Progress (despite the heat wave!)

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Friday, July 19, 2013


Fiona Muir

Everything’s started to come together at work this week as we began to create resources and lesson plans about women in physics, based around all the information we’ve been researching over the last month. We’re trying to cover a range of topics and so far we’ve written materials about the female “computers” at Harvard College Observatory, the life of Lise Meitner, female astronauts and NASA scientists and Emily has been working on preparing materials related to the oral history interviews that are held at the library. It’s so great having these resources right at the end of our corridor.

Last weekend, we took some more time to explore DC and everything that’s on offer in Georgetown. On Sunday, somewhere inside and air-conditioned was sounding pretty tempting so a couple of us reconnected with our childhood and went to see Monsters University. As it was Sunday afternoon and a Pixar movie, we thought it was going to be full of kids until we got there and there was barely anybody under 20. It was nice to see we weren’t the only ones!

Yesterday Jamie, Ro, Caleb, Emily and I went out for lunch in College Park to Plato’s Diner and I had some amazing Greek food and me and Emily even made sure to bring some dessert back to the office with us. I need to make sure I don’t leave here without having that baklava again! We’re also becoming experts at finding the most time efficient way to get to the University of Maryland, get the books we need from the various libraries and get back to ACP, spending as little time walking around in the humidity as possible. These are definitely skills that it’s useful to have in Maryland in July.

We’re all heading over to NIST this afternoon for the second of our workplace tours. The agenda looks packed and everything we’re going to see sounds fascinating. The bar has definitely been set high by the NASA visit last week and I’m sure NIST will be just as good. This means that the pressure’s on for our tour next Wednesday!

Fiona Muir