Final Reflections: A great experience

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Friday, August 9, 2013


Fiona Muir

Now that I’m back in London and getting stuck in to my classes for this term, the excitement of DC seems a million miles away. Talking to all my friends about what they’ve been doing this summer, I do feel like I’m bragging a bit when I describe what a great experience I had.

Working on the project this summer has given me loads more confidence in my ambitions to go in to science writing and communication and confirmed for me that it’s definitely something I want to continue. This year, along with my physics classes, I’m taking one class on representation of science in the media and one on the history and philosophy of natural sciences. If I hadn’t come across bits of philosophy of science in my research this summer, I probably wouldn’t have even known that the topic existed!

I can’t talk about this summer without mentioning the amazing friendships that we all made and the countless experiences outside of our internships. DC is a fascinating, vibrant city and I’m grateful that I had such a great group of people to explore it with! Overall, I can’t imagine a better project to have been a part of or a better way to spend my time this summer.

Fiona Muir