Week 4: Eventful Days

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Friday, June 28, 2013


Jose "Ro" Avila

So, I got a seat in front of the piano at this Kennedy Center concert! It was incredible, and I met a jazz pianist and vocalist from Oregon, who was sitting next to me, with whom I shared the awe of this concert. The next day I went for an 8-mile run in the morning with Katherine, while seeing some of the monuments. That afternoon I went with some of the interns to a billiards place to play pool, and watch a soccer match. Later that day, we went to the movies in Chinatown. On Sunday, I went to the Hirshhorn Museum – Smithsonian, and saw some very original sculptures focused on contemporary and modern art.

And just like that, week 4 started. I worked on some other documents, such as networking skills and informational interviews. I am learning a lot developing these documents, and it will be very helpful for me as well, since I am planning on going into the workforce for a year once I graduate. It is also very fulfilling to know that high school and college students across the country will benefit with these documents, and will find these resources useful in their future careers.

On Tuesday some of the interns and I went to a boat trip at the Potomac River. It was a nice experience, and I met Nick Green, a Physics PhD, and his wife, with whom I had an interesting talk about future plans and past experiences.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting with the AIP Development Board at the American Center for Physics. We had a delightful cocktail and met the people who are making the intern’s D.C. experience possible. They are great and very interesting people and we were really glad that we get to talk to them and shared part of the evening with them.

Today, we are meeting with the SPS/Sigma Pi Sigma Executive Committee and we’ll go to the Capitol Steps Performance downtown. I have heard positive things about this event, so I am looking forward for this evening.

Come back next week for week 5 and to read about our first 4th of July experience in Washington D.C.!

Jose "Ro" Avila