Week 3: Physics and Politics

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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Kearns Louis-Jean

This was yet another eventful week in the life of an SPS SOCK Intern. Monday we made a lot of progress in narrowing down all the ideas for experiments for this year's SOCK. On Tuesday I went to the Rayburn House Office Building for an event sponsored by the (NUFO) National User’s Facility Organization where national labs from across the country come to talk about the work they do at their facilities. I arrived at the building a few hours early to sit in on a hearing titled "A Review of the P5 : The U.S. Vision for Particle Physics After Discovery of the Higgs Boson." The P5 is the Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel. It was very interesting to hear the congress members' different views and fascinations with particle physics. After I left the hearing I had lunch and went to the NUFO event. It was a great experience getting to meet people who worked in all of the National Labs. I met a lot of interesting people and learned about the research they do in their respective labs. Wednesday and Thursday it was back to work on the SOCK. After this week I have a newfound admiration for science policy.

Kearns Louis-Jean