Week 5: SOCK and NIST Preparations

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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Kearns Louis-Jean

This week has been dedicated to finishing the experiments for the sock. We have been writing the explanations for these demonstrations & activities. It has been very fun to go over the experiments. You get to look at the experiments from a different perspective. This week was a pretty busy week. Mark and I met with Toni to discuss our plans to go forward with the SOCK. We pulled together a Google spreadsheet of all the materials we would need and re-doubled our efforts on writing explanations. On Tuesday I went to NIST with Mark, Kendra, and Toni to talk about the upcoming middle school science teacher institute held every summer that I will be assisting with. On Wednesday night, I went out with Ashley, Mark, Caleb, Ben, and Courtney, who is one of my coworkers at the American Institute of Physics, to the Congressional Baseball game which features the Democratic versus Republicans. We left early since there were signs of rain and the republicans were losing terribly to the democrats anyway. On Thursday Mark and I had the privilege of chatting on Skype with Jenna Smith, a PhD candidate and former SOCK intern who thesis defense I was lucky enough to get to watch online. We talked to her mainly about graduate school, the selection process, and potential obstacles. She was very willing and enthusiastic to talk to us and answer all of our questions. It was a blessing to hear the wealth of knowledge she was willing to offer. I’m really excited to start at NIST next week.

Kearns Louis-Jean