Week 2: International Food

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Friday, June 14, 2013


Jose "Ro" Avila

One more week went by, and we were only able to smell it pass through. Last Friday we had the opportunity to try something new. We took the metro to Union Station and went to an Ethiopian restaurant. It was a nice experience, since they bring your food, along with what two of your other friends asked for, in one big plate with some sort of tortilla base. The next day, we gathered in the morning in a friend’s dorm and we cooked scrambled eggs for everybody. Later that day, we went to a Mediterranean grill, which also was pretty tasty.

On Sunday, we went to a STEM festival in Maryland, where we helped by showing what our SOCK intern friends put together during the week. Then I was taken to an engineering panel, where I met very interesting people such as Carole Carey, the Area Chair (South) for the IEEE; Mithun Banerjee, the Program/Project Manager at American Unit; and Walid Halboni, a civil engineer and Project Manager at Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). In this panel, we talked to future college students, and encouraged and told them about the importance of studying physics and why it is a great option. This festival was a great experience, and I believe it was helpful especially for high school students.

During this week, I made substantial progress in some of the projects I am working on. I found, with the aid of a survey document: the most common job titles physics bachelors have when they graduate from college. I also edited a document addressing the interview process, and tips for succeeding in a job interview. The brochure I am working on had several modifications as well, in information, pictures, and curious facts.

We had a picnic at work on Wednesday, and there was a barbecue and some people that work here performed in an open mic event. I had a good time, and laughed quite a bit. Yesterday, I was asked to give my opinion for a website Patrick Mulvey, Mark, and Jenny are working on. Later tonight, the other interns and I are going to a cello concert at the Kennedy Center! I claim it will be awesome, but you’ll hear more about it next week with my next journal.

Be good.

Jose "Ro" Avila