Week 1: We made it!!!

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Monday, June 5, 2023


Emily Pavasars

Hello everyone!! My name is Emily Pavasars and I am the SOCK intern for the summer! Let me introduce myself before I get started on how my week went. I am a rising senior at Valparaiso University majoring in Physics with minors in Math and Education. I am from Diamond Bar, California which is in between LA and Disneyland. I love the beach, playing video games and spending time with my friends. 


Ok, enough about me. Let me tell you about my week!

Sunday was a long travel day but everyone made it in one piece. I spent most of Monday settling in, putting away clothes and getting my room (mostly ;) organized). For dinner, all the interns went out to Tonic to get to know each other and celebrate Hannah's birthday. It was a blast!

Tuesday was orientation day! This was an amazing day full of converstaion and professional development. We had professional photographers take our headshots. I have never felt cooler in my life. I also had my first meeting with Brad and Mikayla to determine the plan for the summer. 

Wednesday and Thursday I got settled in at the office and I worked from my dorm on Friday. I spent most of this week brainstorming demonstration ideas and planning my Science Outreach Catalyst Kit or SOCK! 

Wednesday evening a lot of the interns went to the National Mall to hang out and debrief from the first day of work at our assignments. It was a mixed bag of success as some people's paperwork hadn't been fully processsed quite yet but we were all excited to start working.

I was invited to attend a mini concert at the Smithsonian of American History put on by students of the National Orchestra Institute. They played on Stradivarius instruments and did an absoultely wonderful job.  That evening I went to Union Market with MJ, Julia, Tiffany and Eva. The food was delicious! 

Saturday was Zoo day! Hannah, Jenna, Daniil, MJ and I all went to the zoo! We stopped by Rose Ave Bakery for some breakfast and then went and saw all the adorable animals. I will attach my favorite pictures below. 

That was my week in a nutshell! 


Till next week!

From Orientation Day.
From my trip to listen to NOI.
First of many zoo photos!
My favorite picture from the zoo!

Emily Pavasars