Week 10: Goodbye!

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Sunday, August 6, 2023


Emily Pavasars

Welcome to the end of Week 10 and the end of the internship! This internship has been an absolute blast! 


Work this week was very focused on getting all the loose ends tied up. I packed 100 SOCKS on Monday and Wednesday and then cleaned up my office space at ACP. Wednesday was my last day at ACP. :( I created, refined and gave my final presentation. We had a rehearsal day on Thursday so that we could get feedback from Brad, Mikayla and Kayla along with the other interns. It was also helpful to get our nerves out presenting the day before our actual presentation. After rehearsal, I uploaded all my demos, the Physics Jeopardies I created and updated the SOCK page so those resources are all live now! Thursday evening the other interns came over to my room to help pack up the stuff that belonged to SPS and we all wrote some advice for future interns to find. Then, Friday was the big day! Everyone did a fantastic job presenting and I loved getting to hear about what everyone did this summer in more detail. 


As for the fun things of this last week...

On Sunday, Tiffany, Ruthie and I went window shopping down in Georgetown. The shops were definitely out of my price range but it was fun to look at the clothes and get inspiration for updating my wardrobe in the near future. Monday, a group of us headed down to the national mall one last time to just hang out and chat. We were minorly harassed by a local rat but we survived. On Tuesday, I headed to the mall to pick up a gift for Brad as his birthday was on Wednesday and the other interns and I planned to surprise him with a gift and cake on our rehearsal presentation day. Thursday, we headed to Tonic for one lasy group dinner and had a blast! Friday was presentation day and we had a ton of fun signing each others books after all of our presentations were done. Later that evening a group of us went watch the sunset at the National Mall one last time then we all got together to reminisce afterwards. Saturday was travel day! I packed up all my stuff and left room 503 at Philip Amsterdam Hall for the last time and then headed home! Now it's Sunday and I am home in California enjoying my family and writing my last blog!


Thank you SPS for this incredible opportunity and for bringing together all the amazing interns. Thank you Brad and Mikayla for being my mentors this summer. You are both incredible people and I will miss you guys so much! 

To the other interns: Thank you for an incredible summer. You guys truly made this summer. You are all going to go do amazing things in the future and I will miss you all so much!


Thank you to those who have read these blogs all summer! 

Emily Pavasars