So Matcha (much) Matcha

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Sunday, July 23, 2023


Tiffany Liou

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Minecraft YouTube Channel. Today, we are breaking into almost the end of the program. Just kidding, I don’t know how to play Minecraft. I am just quoting my friend Nicole. My song of the week is “Sunset” by Caroline Polachek. 


I started almost every day of the work week with a matcha latte. Before heading into STScI, I stopped by a local cafe in Baltimore named Bird in Hand. Living in California and DC has made me semi-immune to 7-8 dollar lattes as a norm (milk-substitutions are not a win for the lactose intolerant). I was surprised that my matcha latte with oat milk was less than $5.50. Getting this latte energized me and got me ready for some research! This week, I worked on refining and analyzing the plots I have made. I learned quite a bit about the population of galaxies from the MUSE data and how it compared to conclusions from previous literature. I was also trying to identify the trends of these MUSE galaxies, or if there are any at all. Getting to synthesize information from previous literature helped a lot in this process! 

This week has been pretty chill but interesting outside of work. Monday and Tuesday flew past very quickly from going into STScI. I was so ready to fall asleep right when I got back to the dorm. On Tuesday, a group of interns got together for a cute little movie night. Democracy won and we watched one of the most wholesome movies of the past decade (iykyk ;) ). 

Wednesday was pretty busy, but I went to the farmer’s market after work and got a loaf of olive thyme sourdough! Sadly, I forgot to take pictures, but it goes phenomenally with some good soup.  

Friday was definitely one of the highlights of my week. ‘Twas the day of Barbenheimer! Devin, my friend Anna, and I were absolute troopers and sat through 5 hours worth of movies. We started off our night with the Barbie movie and ended with Oppenheimer. No spoilers, but the Barbie movie was absolutely amazing and Greta Gerwig does such an amazing job at creating emotional films. (Peep the before and after pictures for Barbie). 

Oppenheimer was also stunning! It is worth mentioning that Devin and I wore our work badges to represent physics. And Devin wore a physics tie too, so that was an iconic moment! The movie went on so late and we got back to the dorms at almost 3am. It was a miracle we woke up in time the next morning for brunch! 


For brunch, Julia, Emily, Brynn, Gizem, Devin, and I went to Rakuya for a Japanese Style breakfast. I was so ecstatic to eat medium grain rice! I honestly would have cried if I was alone. Their teishoku set was incredible and I must have it again before leaving DC! 

After brunch, I took some time to relax and pick up some hobbies again. By that, I mean binge watching Korean dramas. And I started to read again! I am currently reading The Disordered Cosmos by Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein. It was nice to finally have the opportunity to pick the book up again after awhile.

Week 8 has been a blast, and I’m so sad this program is almost over. I am definitely going to be savoring these last few weeks. 

Till next time!


Tiffany Liou