Goodbye DC!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023


Tiffany Liou

Hi there! By the time you are reading this, I am probably breathing some crispy air in sunny San Diego. In honor of being back home, the song of the week is “California” from the 88rising artists! 

These ten weeks have flown past faster than the blink of an eye. During this week, I definitely tried to make the most out of my time here. My motto this week was literally “work hard, play hard.” 

During the first half of the week, I focused on making my presentation and tweaking my plots to be more clear. Tuesday was a very special day! Dr. Nimisha Kumari, my mentor, took another student intern, and graduate student of hers, and me out to lunch. We chatted for a long time while enjoying some pizza. Getting to know everyone and be in each other's company outside of academics was truly a valuable experience! 

Thursday came by really quickly. The interns all woke up bright and early to go practice our presentations. Not going to lie, doing the run throughs really made it hit that the program is coming to an end. After the mock presentations, the interns all went to Tonic (aka where it all started). If anyone asks me what I miss most about DC (besides AIP and SPS), it would be the tater tots at Tonic. They’re just deep fried to perfection.



Friday was presentation day! I loved seeing what everyone has been working on for these past weeks, and everyone’s presentations were phenomenal. I was also very happy while presenting my project. After watching the stream, I realized that I was smiling way more than I thought. It was truly an enjoyable experience! I’m also incredibly thankful for my parents and my best friends for waking up so early to watch the stream. <3 

Thank you to Dr. Nimisha Kumari for being a supportive mentor and for guiding me through a part of astronomy that I wouldn’t have dared to touch. Thank you to Brad, Kayla, and Mikayla for this opportunity and all your support! This summer was unforgettable, and I hope to cross paths with everyone here once again. 


See y’all soon! 


Tiffany Liou