Frequently Asked Questions from Advisers

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How do I log into the membership database to vote?

Each chapter receives one vote. ALL VOTING IS DONE ELECTRONICALLY and advisors or student leaders should contact their AZC or ZC for details. Refer to our ballot instructions for more information.

How do I find the current National members in my chapter?

  1. Log in to the SPS Membership Database using your chapter credentials (Username: spschapter####). 
  2. Click on Groups under My Profile (in the lefthand column).
  3. Click on the SPS Chapters: Group Name-Zone#-SPSChapter####.  There should be a star and a person icon to the right.  If there is no person icon, please contact the National Office at 301-209-3007 or sps [at] to request Administrator privileges for this group.
  4. Click on the small orange link at the top titled "Group Admin Options"
  5. Under "Member Management," click on "Export Group Members."  This will generate a .csv file for download.
  6. Note the Member Types in Column AG. Current SPS Members will have SPS somewhere in the type name. "Sigma Pi Sigma Legacy Members" are not current members of SPS and must renew their annual membership to be eligible for benefits.  SPS Member expiration dates can be found in Column AB.

How do I update the advisor contact information for my school?

Simply email us at sps [at] with the correct information and we will update our records and the Chapter account in our database.  Note that the advisor's email address is typically the one affiliated with the Chapter account and will be the primary address where correspondence is sent.

How do I get materials for a Sigma Pi Sigma induction?

All inductions are managed via our online Induction Portal.  Detailed instructions on using the portal area available here.  If you need to update the advisor of record for Sigma Pi Sigma, please contact the National Office at sigmapisigma [at] or 301-209-3007.

How can I connect with other nearby chapters?

There are three great ways to connect with others nearby:

  1. Reach out to the Zone Councilor and Associate Zone Councilor for your zone.  They maintain officer information for each chapter in your zone and would love to work with you to creat connections.
  2. Use the Member Directory to find contact information for others who are nearby.
  3. Email others via your zone Google Group. All advisers are encouraged to subscribe to the Google Group for your zone by sending a message to your zone counselor. These listservs can be used to share about upcoming events or speakers, REUs, best practices and other items of interest for advisors.

How do re-activate my Sigma Pi Sigma or SPS chapter?

Send an email to sps [at] or sigmapisigma [at] to start the conversation.