Building Community Online and Off

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SPS Chapters on Building Community

Building Community Online and Off


SPS members pose with their bulletin board. All images courtesy of the Austin College SPS chapter.

Butcher paper rips, staplers sing, paintbrushes swipe. As a new school year begins, the first SPS bulletin board takes shape, communicating our chapter's plans for the semester. But these hands-on tools aren’t the only ones at play. In addition to creating artistic bulletin board displays, our SPS chapter recently embarked on a mission to enhance our online presence through engaging Instagram content. In combining these efforts, our physics-loving circle discovered the power of community building through meaningful communication.

During a laughter-filled evening, we danced to music as we set up, painted, and designed that first bulletin board. With a keen eye for layouts, chapter vice president and art major Mari Wisner led the charge. Cailey Varnell, a talented sophomore, took on lettering, while treasurer Deedee Jansen channeled her inner resident assistant to create captivating borders and interactive elements.

In the morning, as classes gathered, students were greeted by a visually appealing board showcasing the month’s events, promising free food, and even offering some bubble wrap to pop. Our vibrant monthly displays in an otherwise uninteresting hallway became a means to reach and engage with students on their way to class. They told stories about our community, showed off our achievements, and reminded us of the power of tangible, visually appealing communication in an increasingly digital world.


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Simultaneously, one of our first-year students took on the daunting task of building an online presence for our SPS chapter. Starting from scratch, Demi Held crafted an engaging and dynamic Instagram account. Through interactive stories, aesthetically pleasing posts, and captivating graphics, she transformed the account into a hub for resources and news on our activities. The grid layout seamlessly transitions from one picture to the next, inviting followers into a world of physics-related celebrations. The platform became a virtual community, with students sharing their presentations, conference experiences, class projects, and even news appearances. Tagged and frequently shared, the Instagram posts fostered connections among physics enthusiasts, bridging the gap between online and offline interactions. The Instagram account has been a gateway to digital community, opening doors to shared experiences and encouraging engagement and exploration. 

Although these two modes of communication may seem distinct, both optimize the creativity and artistic talent within our SPS chapter. They cater to somewhat different audiences but share a common goal: bringing individuals together through a love of physics, STEM, and each other's company. Both platforms have contributed to the overall success of our chapter's communication efforts, sparking conversations, celebrations, and collaborations. As we continue to enhance our communication strategies, we remain committed to nurturing our community and spreading our love of physics and STEM.

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SPS Chapters on Building Community