Finding [or Building] a Community

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Special Feature

Finding [or Building] a Community

Tips on improving the culture of your department.

Finding or Building a Community

Sometimes physics students feel isolated. Sometimes physics students are isolated. Whether due to department size, department culture, personal reasons, or other factors, the absence of camaraderie and support within any major can lead to students losing motivation, dropping out, and being at increased risk for depression and anxiety.

On the flip side, a cohesive, supportive department that fosters community can have exactly the opposite effect—it can draw in new majors, as well as people who will never consider a degree in physics but enjoy being a part of the group. A community of support can encourage struggling students and offer strength and rejuvenation when students experience “burnout.”

Check out Society of Physics Students Programs Manager Kendra Redmond’s tips on improving the culture of your department. They’re available in the Winter 2013 issue of The SPS Observer: Finding [or Building] a Community.

The culture of your physics department is important. //

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Special Feature