2016 PhysCon Art Contest

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Special Feature

2016 PhysCon Art Contest

Attendees are invited to submit 2- and 3-D works of art for judging or display in Sigma Pi Sigma’s third PhysCon art contest.


  • Congress Theme: Unifying Fields (mixed media)
  • Congress Site Visits: Inspired by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center, 
    and X (formerly Google X)
  • General Science

Abstract deadlines and contest details can be found on the PhysCon website at: 

Here we feature some of the winning pieces from the 2012 PhysCon Art Contest. To see larger images of all of the artwork, visit the PhysCon 2012 website at www.spscongress.org/physconprogram/artwork-contest. //

First Prize  Space & General Science  Water Droplet on a Blade of Grass,  by Lauren Dallachiesa, Grove City College

  Best in Show  Pirouette, by Glenn Marsch, Grove City College

  First Prize  Physics for Everyone  Daylight, by Natalia Guerrero,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  Artists’ Choice &  People’s Choice  Particle Detection in the Search for New Matter, a collaboration by Christopher Frye and Emily Daniels,  University of Central Florida

  First Prize  Connecting Worlds  Nothing Going on Here, or So It Seems, by Jordan Guzman, University of Central Florida

 Images courtesy of the American Institute of Physics.

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Special Feature