Making Your List

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Making Your List
A search tool for physics and astronomy programs


Kendra Redmond, Editor

Searching through graduate programs can be overwhelming—there are lots of options! It’s often helpful to talk to professors, research advisors, and alumni from your department, but if you want a broader view, check out (GSS).
GSS is a free online resource for browsing, sorting, and comparing hundreds of graduate programs in physics, astronomy, and related fields. It’s hosted by the American Institute of Physics, home to the Society of Physics Students.

The backbone of GSS is an extensive collection of program profiles relevant to physics and astronomy majors. Each profile includes research specialties and contact information, and many programs provide more details: application requirements, department descriptions, quick links to relevant web pages and social networking pages, and even videos and photos.

What can you do on

  • Search programs by school, specialty, or keywords.
  • Browse programs by more than 50 research specialties.
  • Sort programs by degrees offered, campus setting, acceptance rate, or application deadline.
  • Narrow your options by state or country (most programs are in the United States).
  • Create an optional free account to save your favorite programs and download search results.
  • Browse GradSchoolShopper magazine, the precursor to this issue of the SPS Observer, to learn more about all things grad school.
  • Find links to quality resources like physics bridge programs, data on physics and astronomy graduate education, and the Women+ of Color Project.



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