Congress is Coming: Meet the Plenary Speakers

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Special Feature

Congress is Coming: Meet the Plenary Speakers

Profiles of our six distinguished plenary speakers

Scenes from the workshops, tours, and exhibit hall at PhysCon 2012. Photos courtesy of the American Institute of Physics.

This November, hundreds of physics students, faculty, and practicing physicists will converge in the San Francisco Bay area for a meeting unlike any other: the 2016 Quadrennial Physics Congress (PhysCon)!

Peruse the links below to explore the lives of the PhysCon plenary speakers, including one who speculates that we might, in fact, be living in a giant computer simulation, and another whose childhood fascination with black holes ultimately landed him at LIGO, an observatory that recently confirmed the existence of gravitational waves.

The countdown is on, so mark your calendar for November 3–5! Now is the time to make up a budget, apply for money from your student government, plan your fundraisers, and ask your department what else you can do so that you can pack your bags for an incredible experience.


Visit the PhysCon website for details on the workshops, poster sessions, art contest, tour sites, dance party, and logistical details.

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Special Feature