Meet your 2014-15 SPS National Council

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Meet your 2014-15 SPS National Council

The 2014–15 SPS National Council and the 2016 SPS Congress Planning Committee stand in front of the American Center for Physics in College Park, MD, in late September.  Photo by Matt Payne.

The SPS National Council is the governing body for the Society of Physics students and Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society. Each fall, elected faculty members (zone councilors) and students (associate zone councilors) from each of the 18 regional SPS zones gather to conduct society business face-to-face. The council continues to meet via phone and web throughout the year in committees and as a whole group to address issues of concern to the society. If you have ideas or concerns related to SPS, please contact the representatives from your zone! Meet them and find their contact information

SPS Needs You!

The SPS National Council is looking for good candidates for SPS president, zone councilors and associate zone councilors. Is that you? Is that your fellow student? Is that your advisor?


Nominations are due February 15.

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