Celebrating Interns

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Celebrating Interns


Allen Scheie

Grove City College

Photo courtesy of Allen Scheie.Hello and welcome to the Fall edition of The SPS Observer, highlighting the importance of undergraduate internships.

Internships and research experiences allow students to put their textbooks and class notes aside for a time to experience what the broader physics community is really like, sample multiple fields, and discover what really does, and sometimes does not, interest them. This means not only doing research, but also communicating research to students and the broader public, as well as bringing scientific knowledge to bear on areas such as education and public policy. An internship also makes an attractive addition to any resume!

As a former SPS Mather Public Policy Intern myself, I can attest to the incredible opportunities that an internship provides. I met multiple Nobel laureates, chatted with executives from spaceflight corporations, took tours of state-of-the-art laboratories, and helped craft national science policy. I learned much from the experience and have no doubt it will play a role in how my career advances. And public policy is only one of many areas SPS interns tackle. Others include laboratory research, outreach activities, educational resources, science history, and career resources.

As you read this issue, I encourage you to consider leaving your books behind for a time and exploring the world through the superb summer internships provided by SPS and other organizations. //

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