Ideas for Kick-Starting your Chapter Activities

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SPS Demo Night at Washington University in Saint Louis.

Do you have a favorite science demonstration? 

SPS offers up to $500 to deserving chapters who want to embark on outreach projects through the Marsh White Award—applications are due November 15.

Do you have a great research idea that needs a little start-up money? 

The SPS Chapter Research Award provides as much as $2,000 to chapters that produce effective research proposals—applications are due November 15.

Are you ready to present some of your research results and/or attend a professional society meeting? 

SPS sponsors research presentation sessions and small Travel Awards and SPS Reporter Awards at a variety of meetings several times a year. Watch for meeting announcements and abstract deadlines in the SPS eNewsletter and on the SPS Calendar.

Is there an SPS room in your department? 

There is not an SPS building program (yet!), but we can help you make the case that your department should establish a haven for your chapter. One of the characteristics of successful undergraduate physics programs is a room the students can call their own.

Hold a membership drive!

Get a group of current members to talk to other students, and set up a laptop enableing recruits to join SPS on the spot. You can also work with your department to see if they will underwrite the dues... some departments are willing to pay the dues for all first-year members.