Week Seven

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Friday, July 14, 2017


Luis Royo Romero

Week 7


The fresh cut grass smelled lured us to wander inside the gates. The unpredictable war between trumpets and drums set the mood of the sunset reflecting on the metal bodies. People watching the swing of their mood as they exchange verses and iPhones were forgotten. 

As a natural response to being in a tour, phones, to some extent outside of pictures, are forgotten.  No one wants to miss the secrets of a governmental facility. Therefore, while visiting NASA Goddard and NIST facility, we got to enjoy the “secret facility feeling”; rooms were no pictures were allowed, metal and contamination scanners outside doors, and numbered buildings. Very thankful for all the knowledge gathered from the two tours, and for every person who made it happen. Even during a heat index, the experiences this week were cooler than an Ice Cube. 

There are enough days left to make more memorable memories at the lab and the city before parting ways into the next adventure.

Luis Royo Romero