Week Ten

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Friday, August 4, 2017


Luis Royo Romero

I would like to utilize my last blog to thank those who have made this possible. None of this would have been possible without them. I could write a book on how much each of the following has impacted my personal life and scientific career, but for now, I will only mention their names:
Dr. Angela Hight Walker
Dr. Amber McCreary 
Dr. Jeff Fagan
Dr. Brian Augustine
Dr. Christopher Hughes
Dr. Brad Conrad
James Merrick
Dr. Aaron and Kimberly Titus
Dr. Briana Fiser 
Dr. Brad Barlow
Dr. Graziano Vernizzi 
Dr. Karen Daniels 
For all the unconditional love and support from Luis, Alexandra, Sofia, and Darcy. 
The following link, thanks to Tracy Schwab, will allow you to see my final presentation:
I will miss and will hold DC in a very special place in my heart, from the colorful houses in Adams Morgan to the many hikes and waterfalls. I hope to one day live again here. Until then, I will be forever grateful for this opportunity as I embark on my next adventure. 
I will be attending Bowling Green State University, as part of the APS Bridge Program, to complete my Masters in Physics working as a teaching instructor and conducting research in material science. 

Luis Royo Romero