Week Five: Highkey Bawled in a Museum

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Friday, July 6, 2018


Krystina Williamson

“The outside world told blacks that we weren’t anything...but our schoolteachers said it wasn’t so. They believed in us, and we, therefore, believed in ourselves. “ - Marian Wright Edelman


Dear Internet,

This week was a busy week. I almost forgot to tell you about it! On Saturday I went to the National African Museum of Art with my roommate, Elon. We ate delicious ramen and devoured fancy gelato before it melted in the heat. We also had a mini photoshoot in a nearby garden, where passersby cheered us on. On Sunday, Amanda was gracious enough to (1) wake up at 6:30am to get eight tickets to the famed African American Museum of Natural History and (2) ask if I wanted to come along.

Of course, I went.

It was an amazing experience, to say the least. To have a museum dedicated to the African American diaspora means the world to me. I was especially touched by reading the thoughts of Sojourner Truth, Phillis Wheatley, and Benjamin Banneker. I admire their ability and dreams to live and thrive in a country that was so hateful towards them. I got a bit emotional and teared up at least three times while going through the many exhibits.

At work I spent my days hurriedly planning and organizing for all of the events to come in the next weeks, all of which are back to back. For the next two weeks I’ll be in Chicago (and then Miami, and then back to Chicago) for a Computational Modeling Workshop and a Step Up For Women Conference. After that ordeal, I’ll be running around DC with the AAPT Policy Fellows. And immediately after that it’ll be the AAPT Summer Meeting.

I don’t think I’ll be sitting back at my office until August 6th, a full month from now.

On Wednesday there was no work as it was the 4th of July. I generally don’t celebrate Independence day (mostly out of laziness) but I figured if there was anytime to celebrate the 4th of July, it would be now, in the nation’s capital.

Me and a few other interns made our way to the Capitol Concert, where Pentatonix, Welcome to Margaritaville, The Temptations and The Beach Boys performed. Shortly afterward we watched the fireworks light up the sky.

Other notable mentions this week:

  • The little boy arguing with his mom at Target on why she should get him fruit snacks. “Porque es bueno para usted...pues, es bueno para mi, y, ES BUENO PARA TODO EL MUNDOOOOO”

  • The birds who hang out in the tree next to our dorm, and curiously look into our dorm from the outside windowsill.

  • The father in front of us at the concert who danced to every song and every artist (yes, everything from the classical music, country music, pop music and Motown music).

  • Purposely pronouncing everything wrong in the Safeway

  • Finishing To Kill a Mockingbird--now amongst my favorite books of all time.

Excited to tell you all about my adventures in Chicago & Miami,



Women & Civil Rights Movement

Krystina Williamson