Week 9: Winding Down

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Sunday, July 31, 2022


Benjamin Johnson

This week at work I continued my efforts from last week to implement a hybrid reservoir computing scheme.  I added a function which passes Euler integration steps into the reservoir in addition to the previous states and input signal when the system is in feedback mode.  This serves as an additional guide to keep the reservoir on track.  At this point, the process works sometimes, but is rather temperamental.  It appears to depend largely on specific hyperparameters for the reservoir computer, and so it does not function consistently yet. 

Outside of work, I spent most of the week taking it easy and resting up for the final week here.  I watched a few movies and read a couple of Dostoevsky novels.  The best movie I saw was Jordan Peele’s Nope which just released last week.  It’s every bit as original and enthralling as his previous films, so I would definitely recommend seeing it on the big screen.  I’ll also give an honorable mention to Everything Everywhere All at Once which was similarly unique and enjoyable.  It takes a whimsical approach to the multiverse and mixes in a healthy dose of nihilism and intergenerational conflict. 

On Tuesday, the interns gathered again for another D&D session and are getting ready to end our campaign.  On Saturday, we investigated an underground speakeasy in Georgetown.  I’ve never been to a bar like that, so it was awesome to check out. 

I’m beginning to get sentimental reflecting on my time here.  As much as I’m excited to see my friends back at school, I’m dreading losing the friends I made here even more.  The summer simply flew by, and I wish I had another to spend with them. 

Until next week!

Benjamin Johnson