Week 9: Member Society Meetings and Triathlons

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Monday, August 8, 2016


Marissa Murray

The majority of last week was spend slowly progessing towards my final FYI article. It will be mostly about the National Science Board meeting which takes place later this week, so I prewrote as much of it as I could in order to (hopefully) quickly turn it around post meeting and get it out before our last day!

Wednesday, the AIP Government Relations squad met in DC and went to a series of member society meetings over the course of the day: APS, AAS, and then AMS. I heard Mike formally pitch his new product ideas for FYI which was fun to hear and I also got to observe some of the politics that go on within the member societies.  They are all rather different, especially in regards to government relations.

Thursday night the interns had a delicious dinner at Tracy's house.  His house is absolutely gorgeous and if my eventual house looks anything like it I will be thrilled.

I also have been working on my final presentation, which is coming along swimmingly.  I can't decide if I want to actually type out exactly what I want to say ahead of time and resort to memorizing it or just kind of have a few major talking points that I will hit and wing it from there.  TBD.

In other news, this weekend I did a triathlon in Brigantine, NJ.  My family and friends and I have been doing this triathlon for around 7 years now I think.  We do this both in shape and out of shape, as it's mostly for fun and after we finish the rest of the weekend is one giant party. This year I had a semi-legit racing bike that I borrowed (as opposed to my usual mountain/beach bike mix with like 3 gears) so that helped speed up my bike time. My sister and I did most of it together which was lovely as we just chatted the entire bike ride which made it much less painful. In short, everyone finished and no one was injured and that's all that matters !!

 friends & I post-triathlon


Marissa Murray