Final Reflections

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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Marissa Murray

I am writing this from my new apartment in Prague! I will be studying at Charles University, which Einstein taught at for a year and credits his time there to helping him formulate the general theory of relativity.  If I make any major physics breakthroughs during my time here I will letcha know.

It has now been almost three weeks since the end of the internship! Crazy how times flies.

This summer was very special in many ways:

1. I got to work with really awesome people who genuinely love what they do 

2. I lived with some great people who were all doing different things all over DC and thus I enjoyed hearing each of them talk about their work, their perspectives on being a physics major, what they want to do after college, what inspires them, etc.

3. I became extremely interested in politics and have probably never been so up-to-date on current events in my life

4. I am now a metro expert

5. I feel like I have a sense of how the government operates with science-related things 

6. I can totally find my way all around the capitol now and know how to attend hearings and different government events

7. I learned how to use to find specific bills sponsored by specific senators or representatives, and got familiar with drupal and dotmailer

8. I got to visit member societies and hear Mike pitch the newly proposed FYI products and I will hopefully see those develop over the next few years

9. I gave a presentation in front of 50+ people 

I definitely grew a lot as a person this summer, and I know that whatever I end up doing, this summer experience was an amazing experience that will help me down whatever road that may be.


Marissa Murray