Week 9: How We Got Here

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Sunday, August 1, 2021


Hannah Wistrand

Almost there. It seems like the closer we get to week 10, the quicker the days go by. Maybe it’s because I feel settled into my routine? I’m not sure, but as Brad put it this week, June felt like a week, July felt like a day, and August feels like an hour. This week was mostly spent getting ready for next week - creating my slides for the symposium, figuring out how my mentor wants me to wrap up my work, and emotionally preparing to say goodbye. Even though we were online all summer, I do feel connected to everyone I’ve been working with. Next week is going to be hard.


I also had the opportunity to be a panelist at the AAPT meeting, along with Casey and Kirk and organized by Alan, to discuss our experiences with high school physics. It was an amazing opportunity to reflect on my physics journey, and pay special attention to the amazing teachers and professors who have supported and guided me throughout. I want to give a huge shoutout to my high school physics teacher, Mr. Macon, for inspiring me to pursue physics by showing how fun, creative, and welcoming the subject and physics community is. Without those positive formative experiences in high school, I don’t know if I would have seen the potential in pursuing a degree in physics, and thus wouldn’t have found this community of such amazing people. I am truly forever grateful.


I know I’ll be doing more reflection next week about this summer’s experience and so this has been a nice introduction to that mindset. Looking forward, I was also able to meet with the student activities coordinator of the Mines campus to discuss the next steps of my campus project around organizing the different community service clubs and efforts on campus. I am super excited for the next steps on that. So, as this journey comes to a close, I know the next phase of my career holds excitement of it’s own. I can never be sad for too long - I like to keep myself busy too much. But until then, I’m going to try and make the most of this next week, and I’ll let you know how it goes. 


Until then, stay curious, everyone

Hannah Wistrand