Week 9: Final Stretch!

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Sunday, July 31, 2022


Justin Andre Avendaño

I cant believe its the 2nd to the last week before the whole internship ends! Things went by so fast and it feels like we just arrived in DC. Over the past week me and the interns have been exploring what we can in DC. I recently went to the Museum of the BIble and I think it was by far the best museum in DC, and I'm not saying that just because im catholic! They had preserved so many pre-church artifacts like byzantian scrolls and paper/parchemnt scrolls that had directions to treasure! In addition to that, their main attraction: the Hebrew Bible was a full walking attraction about the Old Testament. It was one hell of an experience that I had to go two days in a row! After going to the Museum of the bible we had our 2nd to the last DnD session. We finally got the groove of how to play and all our battles have gone so much faster XD. 

During the weekend, we visited multiple bars and speakeasies that I had such a good time in! One of the speakeasy, The Gibson, was so hidden we thought we were in the wrong place. It was in an abandoned apartment building between a bar and a liquor store. The only reason we found the place was cause the bouncer helped us find it. RIght in front of the door, was an empty property sign with a post it beside it saying: We're open, these guys are idiots! Best door by far! Inside was a very cool red-velvet bar with an outdoor patio at the end. The drinks were phenomenal but not as good as the 2nd speakeasy we went to: The Alex at Graham, I had something they called the Pigs and Peat. It was a mix of 2 of one of the best scottish and bourbon whiskies with cognac, vermouth, and smoke. My drink came in a case filled with oak/applewood chip smoke that added to the experience! The tasting notes were not what you would expect with that combination of alcohol, you would think that it would be really strong but it was surprisingly sweet and didnt taste as strong. It had strong notes of campfire, apple, vanilla, a slight taste of bacon with berries or fruits. 10/10 would do this again. Any bar I go to in NYC will have to live up to this bar !

Justin Andre Avendaño