Week 8: Dewey Decimal 200-299 "Religion"

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Sunday, July 23, 2023


MJ Keller

I know, I know. I broke my naming pattern.

This comes after realizing I missed posting my Week 8 blog during week 8, after realizing I skipped the 200s early on in the summer, and after deciding that the 200s--religion--were the most fitting title for this week, anyhow. So it all worked out in the end.

Monday night the interns hit Rosemarino d'Italia for a cabaret open-mic, emcee'd by the person I sat next to when I went to Sweeney Todd at the Signature Theater. Julia and Ruthie were the two of us who signed up to sing, but a few of us took the opportunity to take the mic and sing some songs.

Last week was also the final week I worked in-person at ACP, and I had to say goodbye to my beloved Niels Bohr Library and Archives and the giant bronze bust of Niels Bohr (see pictures). On my final day in the office, we threw a baby shower for one of the other NBLA staff members, the first big event since my second mentor returned from parental leave. It was a lovely party, but bittersweet as it was the last event I'd attend in any of the ACP conference rooms.

Starting on Friday, my mom and aunt came to visit, and to say we saw the sights would be an understatement. The last two pictures are of the Hillwood House, an estate museum that once belonged to Marjorie Post. Post gained her wealth as a pillar of the prepared-foods industry, and everything she owned, lived in, and grew was immaculate. From the French art on the walls to the Russian glass and dishes in display cases, everything on the property shone with beauty and elegance. After spending time at Hillwood we hit the National Zoo one more time for Mei Xiang's 25th birthday, the natural sequel to a house full of priceless art.

Sunday we visited the Museum of the Bible, a part-archaeological, part-literary muesum dedicated to the history and evolution of the world's most-sold text. My favorite part (though I forgot to take pictures) was the archaeological section, with real pieces of the scrolls found at Nag Hammadi encased in museum glass.

See why the Religion section felt fitting for this week?

Anyways, it feels both real and surreal that we're almost through with the internship, and I definitely have a lot of work to finish before presentations.

MJ Keller