Week 8: Calm

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Sunday, July 23, 2023


Colin Myers

This summer has truly been moving by at a break-neck pace, and I am starting to feel the exhaustion. Lucikly, I've been able to take a little break from all the action this internship brings. My mentor is currently away, so I was able to work from home this week. Not having to make the commute to and from NIST everyday has been fantastic. That commute is really draining, not to mention expensive. Having a lot more control of my workdays and movement this week was really refreshing. It was nice to be able to sit at my computer and get things done whenever and wherever I wanted. No doubt my fellow interns who work from home are a little tired of that, but the freedom is certainly nice. Unfortunately, with a lot of my work being dependent on me being in the lab, I didn't have too much to do related to NIST. I've been re-reading my paper and making slight additions here and there. I have also been adding more to my presentation and started to work on a script. It's been years since I took my speech class, so I am a little nervous about this presenation, but I generally enjoy public speaking. I also finished up my title and abstract!

As far as what I did unrelated to my internship, I took some time this week to look into graduate schools. Senior year is coming up quick for me, and I need to start preparing my applications before too long. I looked over some of my old application statements and found so much I could improve on already. I am still not really sure what my top schools are or precisely what field I'd like to pursue, but I'm enjoying the process of narrowing everything down. I believe there's a resume workshop coming up this week which sounds exciting! Writing a good resume is seriously one of the most important things anyone can learn. The NIST tour is also coming up soon, and I am extremely excited to show my fellow interns where myself and the other "NISTerns" have been working. I am really happy to see how succesful everyone has been so far this summer, and I am excited to see everyone's presentations in two weeks!

Colin Myers