Week 7: Space Mail

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Sunday, July 17, 2022


Matangi Melpakkam

I started this week off at home. After a strong return from Fourth of July at work, I picked up my mom from the airport. It was nice to see her after her long trip to India. I returned to DC on Tuesday and spent Wednesday recording a panel and working on the budget project. This week, I got used to visualizing data from Access on Excel.

On Wednesday, we interns went kayaking. On Friday, I spoke to a bunch of friends, attended a panel on low-dose radiation, and went to Jazz in the Park.

Saturday was quite eventful! I visited the Postal Museum. This museum is definitely a hidden gem. It has many stamps and interactive displays, and I appreciated that I could get through the whole museum within a few hours. There were a lot of space related artifacts, including the first stamps and envelopes in space!

I also made mango sticky rice and cinnamon rolls with Nicole and Lucy. I had never had mango sticky rice before, and I loved it even though I don’t usually like rice. Making the cinnamon rolls was extremely time consuming, and by the third hour I decided that I would only buy all of my future cinnamon rolls.

Looking forward to the next week, our presentations are due and I am excited to eventually present my work. It is incredible that seven weeks have passed already!

Matangi Melpakkam