Week 7: Getting My Steps In

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023


Brynn Schierenbeck

The Sunday scaries are kicking in. It’s becoming more and more real how close we are to being done. Still, the internship might be almost over but my bucket list for things to do in DC is nowhere close to completed, despite the extremely eventful week I had. 

Monday kicked off with a work day from home for both Gizem and I. I finished up a few experiments and then we walked over to Georgetown to work at a cafe. Out of all of the areas in DC I’ve been too, Georgetown is definitely my favorite. I love the waterfront and the close proximity to our dorm makes it easy to pop over for an afternoon. I ended up enjoying some dinner there that night as well and then camped out by the river with Janessa and Melissa. All in all, Monday was pretty stellar.

Tuesday was pretty great as well. Though I don’t enjoy all aspects of working from home, it really does give me a lot of freedom. I actually ended up working from Jaden’s pool that day with Janessa. I was also taught how to stay afloat if I ever found myself in a game of water polo. I recommend looking it up because seeing those two try and do it was probably the funniest thing I’ve witnessed in a while. Later that night; Eva, Tiffany, Ruthie and I walked over to the Kennedy center and watched the sunset. That wrapped up yet another wholesome day of activities.

Wednesday we went to ACP to join Hannah for a focus group for Physics Today. It was actually a very interesting discussion and I enjoyed being a part of it. If anyone in charge of that is reading this right now let your people know that we want more Hannah publications that’s all. 

Wednesday night Tiffany, Colin, Gizem and I met for dinner at Tonic. Then we picked up Ruthie and hiked over to Georgetown again for a little shopping spree. We had a Barbinheimmer themed party planned for Saturday night so we needed some good outfits. Luckily, we had a lot of success and everyone looked fantastic the night of:)

Thursday was back at ACP for a videography workshop. I got some work done, hit the ACP gym, and headed home to get ready for our intern potluck. The theme was Hometown Glory, meaning everyone was supposed to bring something that reminded them of what they had growing up. This was by far the best choice we could have picked because oh my goodness I’ve never tasted that many delicious foods all at once. Everything was amazing. I hope people all posted what they made because I can’t remember everyone’s. I know I made Brussel sprouts (thanks mom for the inspo) and Gizem made fried rice which was also delicious. Again, a fantastic end to a fantastic day. 

Friday morning I had a meeting with my professor, worked for a bit, and then went to pick up a friend from the airport. Side note, don’t fly into DCA. Not only was his original flight delayed, but also his returning was canceled and then the rescheduled one also got canceled. He finally made it home Tuesday morning but my goodness that was hectic. Anyways, I picked him up and we headed back to the dorm to meet up with Gizem and Aoguzi. We then had some friends over that night and played a few games until they parted ways. 10/10 Friday.

Saturday was Barbinheimmer! I spent the afternoon showing my friend all around my favorite spots and getting ready for the party. Oh and I tried my first lobster roll from Mason’s Lobster Rolls and I think I died and came back to life. It was so good. As was Barbinheimmer. By the way, that’s just a Barbie and Oppenheimer theme combined. I leaned into the Barbie theme while others opted for Oppenheimer. Hopefully Gizem includes the picture of her and Aoguzi in her blog because they killed it. Needless to say, everyone was a bombshell (thank you Colin for the pun). 

Sunday was a day of recovery. Again, I walked over to Georgetown and got some pizza that hit the spot. After that I played my first game of D&D ever (thank you Emily and MJ for putting that together!). I can honestly say I had so much fun and ended up getting a sick discount on a spaceship because Danny Devito believed in true love. I can’t believe that sentence is 100% true in our storyline. We’re playing again on Wednesday and I’m very very excited. Hopefully Laverna, my character, can get up to some more weaseling. After that, Tiffany and I walked over to the Lincoln Memorial where they had music and dancing. It was incredibly wholesome and the people watching was top tier. Then I FaceTimed my best friend Amelia from home and picked up other friend from the airport again. It was a good way to end the week:)

Until next time!


Brynn Schierenbeck