Week 6: School emergency drills are actually useful later in life!

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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Demitri Call

Monday was a travel day for me and of course travel tends to make well planned days a disaster. Long story short, I landed in DC at just after 9:30 pm but did not make it home until jut before midnight when the trip should have taken no more than 30 minutes including waiting for a cab. Good thing I got plenty of rest before my busy week!
The week was spent with a flurry of activity ranging from covering senate hearings and writing up summaries to prepping for the last hearing of the season for us. These things would have all been manageable but of course when one things goes wrong, everything goes wrong. Tuesday had a 2-hour evacuation of my building for a suspicious package in the morning followed by a Capitol wide lockdown in the afternoon, thus rendering the majority of the day useless as far as productivity is concerned. All of this meant that Wednesday needed to be an excessively productive day.
So of course when I was scheduled for a quick photo-op with my local Congressman, Rep. Mike Thompson, it was no surprise that it got delayed due to voting measures. In the end though, I managed to get the photo-op and a quick conversation with the Mr. Thompson, which I have been wanting to do since seeing him speak at the Sonoma State Commencement in 2015. I was also able to finish all of the prep by the end of the day so I would consider that a win!
The last day in session was Thursday, the day of the hearing. The hearing was in the morning and once finished, the day was much more relaxed with tasks that weren't so time sensitive and had some flexibility. I made it through the end of session for congress and I look forward to recess and the opportunities it will afford to pursue some of the policy topics of interest to me in greater detail.

Rep. Mike Thompson and I

Demitri Call