Week 9: Wrapping it up

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Monday, August 29, 2016


Demitri Call

This was my last full week in the office. It felt a little surreal to be so close to finishing. Since we are well out of session I was able to really focus on my independent projects. This was pretty nice since it let me spend my time researching polar policy and different situations currently in the Northern Arctic. 

By the end of the week I was finally able to gather all of my findings for the polar region and began working on a write up of my research. Many of the reports I read were 200 pages or more so it was actually rather difficult to distill the wealth of information into a mere two page document. By the end it became somewhat of a game to get everything down and with a bit of formatting fun I did manage it.

The rest of my week’s free time was dedicated to working on my final presentation for the summer. I probably changed the focus of my presentation a solid 4-5 times as I tried to create slides so most of that time was not terribly productive. It had been a very long time since I gave any presentation that was not on my research but instead on my experience as an intern. One would think it would be easy to talk about my time as I have in my blog entries but I had the hardest time even deciding what was worth putting into my presentation. In the end though, well, my presentation still was not done so I definitely have a big week ahead of me if I am to finish before it is time to present!

Demitri Call