Week 6: Pupusas and continued work

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Friday, July 8, 2022


Lucy Corthell


The end of this internship is looming too close for comfort. This week besides continuing what I have been working on, I have been working on the intro to my final project and planning out a schedule for how to get everything done. 

I read an article this week, 'Underrepresented Minority' Considered Harmful, Racist Language by Tiffani L. Williams. Thank you to my mentor for sending it to me. I would recommend it as it is free online, a great read, and short!

Events outside of work: 

EventBrite has plenty of ideas for things to do in the evenings. Most of these events begin at 6:30 which means going directly from work and not being able to eat dinner till 9:00 or 10:00 but sometimes they have food, there are often people to network with, and if there is no food or people to network with then there is at least something cool to see! (Such as art or a view of the city depending on the event). The best part is that all of these events are free! (the only one I’ve paid for so far is $5 for sunrise pilates on the roof of the Embassy of Sweden at 6:00am). 

This Sunday (7/3) I went to the National Museum of African American History And Culture with both Taylors and a friend from school! It was one of my favorite museums I’ve ever been to. I booked the tickets a month in advance so it was nice to finally go! We were there for 2.5 hours but there is so much to see, I hope to go again soon.

Cotton, silk and velvet blanket of Harriet Tubman made by Bisa Butler.


Last Saturday (7/2), I went to the farmers market at Old Town Alexandria in Virginia with a friend. The Saturday farmers' market has been operating for 260 years! I enjoyed seeing the cobblestone streets and 18th-century townhouses.


Tuesday, we attended an educational event about pupusas hosted by the Embassy of El Savador and met the Ambassador of El Salvador to the US, Milena Mayorga! 



Wednesday, I adventured to the Meridian International Center to see A Collective Exhibition Showcasing Egyptian Art which was put up to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of relationship between Egypt and the US. It was the last night they had it up and by the time you read this, the art will likely be on its way to Cairo.


When I got home, Nicole, Matangi, Taylor, and I made pineapple and mango bread and pumpkin bread. Both were delicious!

Thursday, I went to “TEXTERE” Calligraphy & Textile Art by Marina Soria at the Embassy of Argentina. One of the artist's goals is to mingle diverse disciplines to challenge the limits of conceptual art and technique. I enjoyed learning more about both calligraphy and weaving!

Upcoming, I am planning on working on my final presentation more, updating the information on the website, and scheduling some more informational interviews at work.

Tonight, I am headed to the National Portrait Gallery to explore a screening of a new documentary about the power of teaching social justice through art. I’m hoping to get a good night's rest before heading to a Traditional Japanese tea ceremony this Saturday morning!

I hope you all have a good weekend. Until next week,


Lucy Corthell